Protests in East Hararghe following the killing of a young woman

Sabrina Abdella

Sabrina Abdella (Photo obtained from social media)

 ESAT News (June 21, 2016)

Anti TPLF protests have gotten momentum in East Hararghe following the brutal killing of a young female student, Sabrina Abdella.

Sabrina had just left a mosque where she was praying in this holly month of Ramadan when a thuggish officer of the regime shot and killed her.

Police said the officer fired the shot to break a fight but residents of Chelenko did not buy the story. They took to the streets in protest and blocked the highway connecting Harar to the capital Addis Ababa.

The tenth grade student was helping herself and her family as a street vendor, selling tea and snacks.

Sabrina’s funeral on Tuesday drew more spontaneous protests as police shot indiscriminately wounding several people.

Anti-regime protests were still continuing in the vast Oromo region of Ethiopia where regime forces killed at least 400 people in the last six months, according to conservative estimates by rights groups.