Ethiopian army chief builds multi-million dollars real estate

 ESAT News (June 3, 2016)

ESAT has continued exposing the unbridled corruption by officials and high brass military officers of the oligarchy in Ethiopia.

Gen. Samora Yunus, the army chief of staff has built a number of real estates in the capital Addis Ababa and in Tigray. The General, under the name of his wife, imports duty-free all his construction needs via the government run Metals and Engineering Corporation (METEC). METEC has been at the center of a recent corruption that incurred loss to the government in the amount of close to 4 billion dollars.

Sofia Mall, named after the General’s wife, is located in the capital Addis Ababa in the subdivision of the city known as Kera. The mall has several businesses as lessees and generates millions of dollars every month.

Sofia owns an import and export company that does business unlike its competitors who pay skyrocketing taxes on their import and export. According to sources, the company imports construction materials using METEC as a shield and is engaged in multi-million dollars real estate development both in Addis Ababa and Tigray, where the couple hail from.

The General’s monthly salary is about 6000 birr (300 USD). Ethiopian Generals and other high brass officers and their cronies have amassed huge wealth and use different aliases to cover the true owners of the properties.