Eritrea says it repulsed an attack by the TPLF regime, inflicts heavy causalities


ESAT News (June 14, 2016)

Eritrea said on Tuesday that it has repulsed an attack by the Ethiopian regime on the Tsorena front.

The statement by the Ministry of Information of Eritrea said the attack on Sunday (June 12, 2016) has been repulsed “with TPLF troops sustaining heavy causalities.”

The statement further said that growing opposition against TPLF by various movements, among others, forced the regime to attack Eritrea in a bid to externalize the simmering internal problems in the country.

“It is clear that mounting opposition from popular movements of the Ethiopian people, endemic corruption and associated economic crisis, as well as the desire to stem promising progress in Eritrea are indeed some of the factors prompting the TPLF regime to indulge in reckless military adventures,” the statement said.

“The Government of Eritrea will issue detailed statement on the purpose, scope and implications of the latest act of military aggression by the TPLF regime,” the Ministry said.

The two sides accuse each other of launching an attack on Sunday on the Tsorena front. Ethiopian regime’s spokesperson released a statement on Monday saying its forces carried out a counter attack after repulsing an attempted attack by Eritrea.

The two countries fought a two year war (1998-2000) in which at least 70,000 soldiers were killed, according to some estimates.

Meanwhile, the United States said it is “gravely concerned about the military action that took place on the Ethiopia-Eritrea border.”

The statement issued by the US Department of State said “Ethiopia and Eritrea are party to the 2000 Cessation of Hostilities Agreement and there cannot be a military solution.” The US called for both sides to “exercise restraint and engage in political dialogue.”