Human rights group releases list of people killed in Gondar


ESAT News (June 2, 2016)

The Human Rights Council of Ethiopia on Thursday released a report containing list of people killed, injured and incarcerated by the regime in Gondar and Kucha, south Ethiopia.

The commission in its special report listed names of individuals who were killed by regime’s forces in Wolkait, Kimant, Kucha and Bakontoma.

The report said 34 people were killed in Wolkait while 47 other were abducted by the forces. 17 people were reported detained and 137 displaced from their villages following attacks by the forces.

In Kimant, 22 people were killed while 10 sustained injuries. In Kucha, south Ethiopia, 42 people were imprisoned following demand by the people for self-administration.

In Wolkait and Kimant, areas the regime annexed to Tigray, people were demanding for their identities to be recognized as Amharas and to be administered under the Amhara region.