76 year old senior sentenced to prison on bogus terrorism charges


ESAT News (June 21, 2016)

The tyrannical regime in Ethiopia sent a 76 year old elder in Arbaminch, south Ethiopia to jail for one year accusing him of hiding a weapon to carry out terror.

Abebe Asfaw, 76, is a father of Befekadu Abebe, a member of the opposition Blue Party, who is serving 7 years on trumped up charges of terrorism.

The minority regime in Ethiopia continues to use its anti-terror proclamation to silence dissent and muzzle the press.

Regime prosecutors and police tried in vain to have three individuals to falsely testify against Abebe. The witnesses who refused to falsely testify said the weapon that Abebe was accused of hiding had actually been brought and planted by the police at the defendant’s residence. They were prevented from testifying against the police.

His daughter, Ayelech Abebe is also jailed without charge at the notorious Kilinto prison, where the regime tortures its opponents.

His other son died fighting regime forces in the recent attack in Arbaminch by the Patriotic Ginbot 7 forces where 20 regime soldiers were killed 50 others wounded.

The 76 year old is held incommunicado and is denied visitation by family.