Protest in Ginchi, Oromo region, erupts again


ESAT News (May 25, 2016)

Sporadic protest is still continuing in the Oromo Region of Ethiopia against the minority regime for political and economic rights.

Protests flared up in Ginchi on Tuesday and schools, transportation and other services were interrupted in the town. Ginchi town was where the protest in the Oromo region began six months ago sparked by governments attempt to implement a masterplan for the capital city that would expand the city limits to the surrounding Oromo farming communities.

Residents told ESAT that the town was still under the control of the regime’s army and security but their protest would continue until their demands were met.

The protest in Ginchi has reportedly spread to the town of Ambo as regime forces carried out mass arrest and incarceration.

Security forces killed one student early this week when protest resumed at the Haromaya University in eastern Ethiopia.