Ethiopian regime says the public has high regard for opposition political leaders in exile than for EPRDF officials


ESAT News (May 27, 2016)

The National Intelligence and Security Service said the Ethiopian people have high regard for opposition political leaders in exile than for the country’s leaders in power.

At a meeting held in connection with the 25th anniversary of EPRDF’s ascension to power in Ethiopia, the security and intelligence department said the Ethiopian people see the exiled political leaders with respect and consider them as leaders of the nation.

Elaborating on the threats faced by EPRDF, the head of the Information Network Security Agency, Major Binyam Tewolde said if armed groups were able to organize in clandestine and if some members of the army are able to carry out a coup d’etat while religious groups protest simultaneously, the survival of the EPRDF would be in danger.

The Security Agency meanwhile disclosed that it has been successful in eavesdropping on telephone conversations of the Eritrean military. The Agency however said it has not been effective in spying against armed groups operating in north Gondar and along the border with Sudan.

The Agency also said it has so far not found evidence that Patriotic Ginbot 7 had infiltrated the army and that some members of the army have shown interest to join the armed group.