Ethiopian regime bans 14 political parties over administrative reasons

ESAT News (May 17, 2016)

The Ethiopian Electoral Board banned 14 political parties operating in the country over what it called administrative problems.

The 14 parties, banned effective May 13, 2016, include the Ethiopian Democratic Forces Union, led by veteran politician Dr. Beyene Petros, as well as several political parties representing the people of south Ethiopia, Afar, Somali and Harar.

The Board said the parties have failed to hold their general assembly and elect new leaders as per the bylaws of the parties.

The Board also said the parties have failed to submit their audit report as well as the physical locations of their head offices and branches to the Board.

With the elimination of the 14 political parties, the regime effectively wipe out any alternative political group and any semblance of alternative voice in the country.