Amaharas forcefully incorporated into Tigray clash with regime forces


ESAT News (May 23, 2016)

Amharas in Wolkait clashed with regime forces as they were holding a meeting to renew their vow not to be administered under the Tigrayan regional state that has marginalized them in favor of the Tigrayan minority. Sunday’s confrontation followed a recent decision by the Amharas in Kabtiya, Tigray, who refused to be administered under the Tigray region.

Tigrayan forces of the regime opened fire as an estimated 4,000 Amaharas were holding a meeting to deliberate on issues of concern to the Amharas who were forcefully incorporated into the Tigray region 25 years ago as the Tigrayan dominated clique assumed power in Addis Ababa.

Sources said at least one person sustained gunshot wounds as regime forces opened fire to disperse the meeting. The forces later retreat to the nearby hills as they were pushed back by the people.

Residents say schools and other official businesses remained closed following Sunday’s incident. They said they are now under the watchful eyes of the regime forces.

The people of Wolkait have been demanding the regime to respect their culture and language as Amharas and to be administered under the Amhara region.