Regional president admits taking 4 mln USD, but says his wife flees with money


ESAT News (May 20, 2016)

President of the Harari regional state, in eastern Ethiopia, admitted that he took 80 million birr (4 million dollars) but blamed his wife for leaving the country with the money. The 4 million dollars was a donation to the state from Ethiopians in the diaspora who hail from Harar.

Youth members of the Harari National League and Sky Blue Credit, an affiliate of the ruling EPRDF, took their campaign to the social media to impeach the president, Murad Abdulahin, but their effort was cut short as the regime rounded them up and put them in jail.

At a two day regional meeting, the youth were demanding for corrupt officials in the region, including the president, to be removed from power and be brought to justice. Some low ranking officials of the region have reportedly been removed from their positions but no action was taken against the president who stands accused of being at the center of corruption in the region, which angered the youth.

In a strange twist of fate, the youth who campaigned against corruption were charged with “inciting violence and terrorism” and are now waiting for their trial from jail. Mereha Yusuf, Behir Abdi, Abdi Ahmed, Afendi Mohamed and Neyib were all rounded up at night and put in jail. The President’s security guard, Bahiru, was also put in jail accused of cooperating with the young members of the League.