ESAT back on air in Ethiopia

ESAT News (April 4, 2016)

The management of the Ethiopian Satellite Television and Radio (ESAT) announced that its satellite television transmission to Ethiopia has resumed on Sunday (April 3, 2016) after a long interruption resulted from the jamming of its transmission by the regime in Ethiopia.

The management said the regime in Ethiopia has jammed ESAT’s transmission for over 20 times in the last 6 years, but ESAT had come back each time, although there was a huge financial cost to it.

The Ethiopian regime has bribed satellite service providers and launched cyberattack on ESAT, as documented by the Washington Post, to shut out content transmission to Ethiopia in the last six years, the management said, and vowed to continue working with more vigor till Ethiopia is free from tyranny.

“Without doubt, the regime will continue to silence ESAT, but the staff and management of ESAT have more will and determination to fight for freedom than the tyrants had for their evil purposes,” ESAT’s management said in a statement.

ESAT called on Ethiopians at home and in the diaspora to continue their support.

The new frequency is as follows:

Satellite                                 Tel Star T12

Transponder                        TXP K33

15 Degrees West

Downlink Frequency         12550

Symbol Rate                        4.411

QPSK, DVB-S                       ¾

Users of Nile Sat  do not need to move their dish as the new transmission is in the direction of Nile Sat. They could however install additional LBN for quality viewing.