Uprising in north Gondar enters second day, major roads blocked by protesters

ESAT News (February 29, 2016)

Revolt by the people of Dabat, north Gondar, entered its second day today with protesters blocking major roads leading to Debark, Shire and Mekelle. Residents of this north Gondar town are demanding for the TPLF, the clique ruling the country, to be removed from power, a source told ESAT on the phone.

The residents of Dabat are also demanding Wolkait Tgede and Telemt, areas in north Gondar that the regime annexed to Tigray 25 years ago, to be returned to Gondar as the areas have historically been administered in the Amhara region.

Sources told ESAT that following the uprising by the residents, TPLF operatives have imprisoned three local officials who were heads of security, local militia and civil service, in an attempt to calm the protest; blaming the officials for maladministration which they said have triggered the protest. The residents are however calling for a regime change.

The uprising has now spread to nearby localities where main roads have also been blocked by the protesters.