Two killed in Konso, several feared injured

konso2ESAT News (March 14, 2016)

Ethiopian regime forces on Sunday killed two people in Konso, in the south of the country, where residents of the area have for weeks been protesting the tyrannical government which ignored their demand for a zonal self-administration.

Fantaye Korya Konte and Daniel Tulu Kero were shot and killed on Sunday by the regime’s special forces in south Ethiopia at a place called Aftis in Debena locality. Eyewitnesses said the forces shot at the individuals unprovoked and the victims were peacefully protesting at the time of the shooting.

The perpetrators then tried to hide the bodies after the killing but the villagers took control after a brief confrontation, according to witnesses. Several people have also been injured in Sunday’s shooting.

Over 200 people have been detained by the regime including Konso’s traditional king, Kala Gezahegn. Schools and government offices have been closed since the latest round of protest broke out three weeks ago.


(Pictures obtained from social media)