Students flee Dila University campus following a grenade attack kill two, three others found dead in a bathroom

ESAT News (January 04,2016)

Students are reportedly leaving the Dila University campus in southern Ethiopia following a grenade attack in the weekend that killed two students. About 10 other students who sustained injuries from the blast and an apparent knife attack  were also receiving medical treatment at a nearby referral hospital. Three students were also found dead in a bathroom. The students had injuries sustained from what appeared to be a cleaver attack on their bodies, according to witnesses. No one claimed responsibilities for the attack but many fear it was the work of operatives of the ethnocentric government in a deliberate attempt to incite ethnic violence and divert peoples’ attention from the ongoing popular protest against the minority rule.  Government forces reportedly stopped students who were trying to go home at checkpoints.

It is to be recalled that a grenade attack at the Anwar Mosque in the capital two weeks ago injured 24 people.

The regime is known for employing such deadly tricks against the people and blame it on opposition political parties and use it as an excuse to crackdown on them. According to diplomatic cables from the US Embassy in Addis Ababa which were published by the WikiLeaks file, the minority regime had orchestrated two bomb attacks in Addis Ababa and blamed it on its arch-foe Eritrea and the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF), political party opposing the regime in Addis Ababa.