Prof. Berhanu Nega in US for organizational duties

ESAT News (January 16, 2016)

Chairman of the Patriotic Ginbot 7 Movement for Unity and Democracy, Prof. Berhanu Nega is in the US for a brief stay to carry out his organizational duties, the public relations office of the Movement disclosed to ESAT.

Details are scanty but the public relations office stressed that his stay would be brief and the professor would solely be engaged in his Party’s duties.

A prominent figure and leader in Ethiopia’s struggle for freedom and democracy, Prof. Berhanu left for Eritrea last July to lead the armed wing of his Party based in that country.

The Professor went to Brussels a month ago to speak with members of the European Parliament on the political and economic repression by the tyrannical and minority regime in his country as well as the drought and famine that is threatening the lives of 15 million people.