Fourteen people killed in Gondar in an apparent attempt by the regime to incite ethnic violence

ESAT News (January 18, 2016)

ESAT’s sources in Gondar disclosed that operatives of the ruling Tigray Peoples Liberation Front have killed 14 people from the Amhara and Kimant ethnic groups in a deliberate attempt to incite ethnic violence between the two groups.

The sources said TPLF security forces killed 6 people from the Amhara ethnic group last week and deceitfully accused that the Kimants were the perpetrators. Bodies of the deceased were found a day later.

The regime’s forces, who found out that the Amharas did not take any retaliation against the Kimants, went on a killing rampage against the Kimants. The sources said the TPLF agents killed 8 people from Kimants and falsely alleged that the Amharas killed them.

The people of North Gondar have, however, demanded the perpetrators be brought to justice. A resident in the area who asked his name to be withheld for fear of retribution said that the people knew very well that the perpetrators of the crime were the TPLF agents who are trying desperately to incite ethnic violence.