Ethiopian foreign minister cancels his press conference in Brussels

ESAT News (January 13, 2016)

Ethiopian foreign minister, Tedros Adhanom, who is in Brussels up on the request by the European Parliament for questioning on the brutal crackdown by his government on protesters in Oromia region of Ethiopian, has cancelled his press conference.

It was not clear why the foreign minister, who was due to be grilled today at the European Parliament on the lethal use of force against peaceful protesters in Oromia, has cancelled his press conference; but analysts say officials of the minority regime have neither the skill nor the integrity to face challenges from a pack of journalists asking tough questions.

The European Union that expressed deep concern over the use of lethal force against peaceful protesters had demanded the Ethiopian government to immediately cease the deadly attacks on peaceful citizens.

A number of human rights groups in Europe meanwhile were asking the European Union to give a stern warning to the tyrannical regime in Ethiopia.

Reports say the foreign minister was also expected to brief the European Parliament on the worsening drought in the country.