ESAT back on air in Ethiopia

ESAT News (January 04, 2016)

The Ethiopian Satellite Television and Radio (ESAT) announced that it is back on air in Ethiopia starting Monday January 04, 2016. The regime in Ethiopia, known for muzzling independent media has jammed and taken ESAT off from air since December 19, 2015. ESAT, however, came back to the air with a new satellite frequency and the management had vowed to utilize all resources available to stay on air and provide news and programming to Ethiopians back home and worldwide. The management said more satellites would also be put in place to better serve the Ethiopian public.

The Ethiopian government has taken ESAT’s broadcasting of news and programming off air for over 20 times in the last five years. The regime spends millions of dollars for the purchase of jamming equipment and payment to foreign experts to take ESAT off the air.

The frequency of the new satellite is as follows:

SES 5 @5 East

Frequency 11919

Symbol rate 27500 Horizontal