UN Human Rights Council rejects resolution to refer Eritrea to the Security Council

ESAT NEWS (July 2, 2016)

The UN Human Rights Council on Friday rejected a resolution to refer Eritrea to the Security Council, but instead passed “a watered-down” resolution against the East African country, according to reports.

A UN Commission of Inquiry on Eritrea last month recommended that the human rights situation in that country be referred to the International Criminal Court. Friday’s resolution, however, would block this section of the resolution.

Friday’s resolution by the Human Rights Council merely requested that the U.N. General Assembly in New York submit the investigators’ work to “relevant organs of the UN for consideration and urgent action,” according to a report filed by the Reuters.

The original resolution to bring Eritrean to the international and regional courts was watered down after several countries voiced their objection.

Russia, Cuba, Bolivia, Ecuador and China are among the countries that dissociate themselves in part or all of the resolution. The countries called for dialogue and capacity building measures instead of sanctions and punitive measures in order to help the east African country work on its human rights standards.