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Ethiopia: TPLF soldiers arrest hundreds of youth in Northern Ethiopia

by Engidu Woldie ESAT News (January 31, 2018) Soldiers for the TPLF regime known as Agazi have arrested hundreds of youth in Woldia and Mersa towns in Northern Ethiopia. The towns have recently been hit by anti-regime protests and TPLF soldiers responded killing dozens of people in Woldia, Mersa, Sirinka, Kobo towns and other nearby localities. ESAT sources said that ...

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TPLF soldiers kill 13 in Mersa town as protests continue in Northern Ethiopia

ESAT News (January 29, 2018) Protests have continued in towns in Northern Ethiopia where scores of people have been shot and killed by TPLF soldiers. The nearby town of Sirinka joined the anti-TPLF protest yesterday. Protesters torched cars and closed roads with rocks and logs. Some of the roads leading to the town of Mersa were closed. TPLF forces shot ...

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TPLF army kill 10 civilians in Northern Ethiopia

By Engidu Woldie ESAT News (January 27, 2018) As protest against its misrule intensified all across Ethiopia, the TPLF regime has continued to respond with brute force. Its army has killed at least ten people in Mersa town in the north of the country bringing the total to at least 32 in the last two weeks in three towns in ...

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