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Ethiopia: Amharas displaced in Amaro district call for help

by Engidu Woldie ESAT News (April 10, 2019) At least 2000 ethnic Amharas were displaced from Amaro district in southern Ethiopia by what the victims said were a coordinated attack by people who consider themselves indigenous to the area. Information ESAT received from the area also show that 21 people were kidnapped and their whereabouts is not yet known. Two ...

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Ethiopia: Number of IDPs reach 2.8 million

ESAT News (August 15, 2018) The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) says the number of internally displaced persons (IDPs) in Ethiopia has increased to 2.8 million from 1.6 million at the beginning of the year. In its Horn of Africa situation report yesterday, UNICEF said there are nearly 920,000 refugees in Ethiopia. It said there are 16.3 million people in ...

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