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Ethiopians in DC metropolitan area rally to support PM, reforms back home

by Engidu Woldie ESAT News (June 26, 2018) Ethiopians in the Washington metropolitan area have come out in huge numbers to express solidarity with their Prime Minister back home, who is garnering big support from the people both at home and abroad for his populist ideas and his resolve to introduce political and economic reforms. The Ethiopians, who gathered today ...

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Ethiopia: Dire Dawa calls Somali region president to step down

ESAT News (June 21, 2018) Residents of Dire Dawa, a city in Eastern Ethiopia, demand in a demonstration that the president of the Somali region step down, accusing Abdi Mohamud Omar’s administration of instigating conflict among different groups, and of corruption. The campaign against Abdi Mohamud Omar, who also goes by Abdi Illey, began two months ago when residents in ...

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