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Ethiopia: Parliament removes “terrorist” labels on opposition groups

by Engidu Woldie ESAT News (July 5, 2018) Ethiopia’s parliament has revoked terrorist labels on three opposition groups, namely Patriotic Ginbot 7, the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) and the Ogaden National Liberation Front (ONLF).   The three groups and two others, al Shabaab and al Qaeda, were labeled terrorists by a rubber stamp Parliament, the House of People’s Representatives, seven ...

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Ethiopia to lift state of emergency

by Engidu Woldie ESAT News (June 2, 2018) The cabinet of Ethiopia’s Prime Minister, also known as the Council of Ministers, has announced today that a state of emergency imposed in February would be lifted. The news comes in the form of a tweet by Fitsum Arega, the Chief of Staff of the Prime Minister, who wrote that the Council, ...

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Ethiopia: Regime says controversial terrorism law will not be scrapped

ESAT News (January 18, 2018) Ethiopia’s ruling party says changes would not be made to the draconian Anti-Terrorism Proclamation (ATP), let alone scrapping the law altogether. The Proclamation has been used by the regime to charge and imprison opposition party members, journalists and dissidents who criticise the regime or exercise their basic freedom of expression. The announcement was made at ...

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