Saudi releases hundreds of Ethiopian prisoners

ESAT News (December 10, 2018)

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has released 900 Ethiopian prisoners following negotiations between the two countries.

Four hundred fifty prisoners have arrived in Addis Ababa today while another 450 are expected to be flown into Addis on Friday.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia meanwhile says about 1,500 Ethiopians who are illegally in the Kingdom would be brought to Ethiopia this week.

The Ministry said 410 Ethiopians had returned home last week.

The Ministry also said it would work to bring home Ethiopian migrants whose lives are in danger in various countries.

Ethiopians flee their country due to political persecution and economic hardship. A government led by a new Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, released thousands of political prisoners and is working to repatriate Ethiopian political and economic migrants whose lives are at risk in the Gulf and other African countries.