Ten Ethiopian immigrants kidnapped in Libya

ESAT News (November 7, 2018)

Ten Ethiopian immigrants have been kidnapped from their shelter in Libya by gunmen, who also took their money and cellphones.

Some of the immigrants, who were spared from the kidnapping and spoke to ESAT said they were originally numbered 21, 4 women and 17 men, living in a small room. One of the women, who is also kidnapped, just gave birth to a baby five days ago.

Their age ranges from 13 to 25.

They said they were provided food and water every three days; and that they have lived that way for two years.

Last Saturday, men armed with guns and knives broke into their shelter and took the four women and six men with them.

Thirteen year old Tesfaye and 14 year old Simon are among the Ethiopian immigrants.

They said they had taken the perilous journey through the Sudan, only to find themselves in a more menacing situation in Libya.

The immigrants, who said they were originally from Gondar and had left their country to escape torture and persecution, called on the Ethiopian government to come to their safety.