Seven Ethiopians drown in Indian Ocean

ESAT News (October 23, 2018)

Seven Ethiopian migrants drowned when a boat carrying 13 people capsized off the coast of Tanzania while en route to South Africa, Reuters quoted Tanzanian police commander Edward Bukombe as saying today.

“Of the people onboard, 12 were Ethiopians and another person, who was the boat captain, (his) nationality has not been identified because he is still missing. Seven people died in the accident and five have been rescued,” Bukombe told Reuters.

Police said at least 12 of the passengers were Ethiopians, according to the report.

“After questioning the survivors told us that they were going to South Africa,” he said.

The search for the missing captain was still continuing.

It was unusual for Ethiopians migrating to South Africa to take the sea.

Many have lost their lives asphyxiated in fuel and cargo trucks in their attempt to reach South Africa for better economic opportunities.