Ethiopia: Regional state president says political reform is irreversible

ESAT News (July 20, 2018) President of the Amhara Regional State says the ongoing political reform in Ethiopia is irreversible despite the wishes of some elements  who dream of resorting the “old” status quo.

Image result for Gedu andargachew amhara tvIn a lengthy interview with Amhara TV broadcast yesterday, Gedu Andargachew underscored that it is futile to make efforts that run counter to the wishes and aspirations of the popular movement for change and freedom in Ethiopia.

Andargachew defended his remarks at the Bahir Dar rally held on July 1 in support of the reform and aspiration for a democratic order. In his speech at the event, he had condemned what he called “gamblers of the old order” that are trying to sabotage the reform efforts.

According to the president, the regional state has now gained administrative independence and claimed that human rights violations that were committed in the region were out of the realm of the regional leadership. Andargachew’s comment appeared to  be aimed at putting the blame on the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF), which has been mainly blamed for corruption, division abuse of power, human rights violations and crimes against humanity.

Responding to criticism that the overwhelming majority of people who turned out at the massive rally were waving  “illegal” flags that did not bear the emblem as proclaimed by law, he said that people chose to freely expressed their views and aspirations.

He commended those who came out for the rally and for expressing their views freely, which he says is a constitutionally guaranteed right. Those who condemned such a victory are the ones who are scared of the liberty of  their fellow citizens.

“The popular movement for change is irreversible.It is impossible to stop the mass movement without being fatally run over,” the president says.