Ethiopia: Strikes by small businesses spread further

ESAT News (August 11, 2017)

Strikes by small businesses and vendors spread further to towns in North Gondar, East Gojjam, Oromo and southern regions of the country opposing the new tax hikes despite threats by authorities who put notice of violation on a number of businesses. Over 150 businessmen were detained in Bahir Dar, according to information received by ESAT.

Businesses were shut down in Metema, Chilga, Aykel, Negade Bahir, Ayimba towns and along the highway connecting Gondar and Sudan.

Reports reaching ESAT say residents closed a highway in East Gojjam, near a weekly market called Wednesday Market, north of Debre Markos. The regime has deployed its army in the area. The towns of Debre Tabor and Dembecha have also continued with the strikes.

Strikes also continue in towns in the Oromo region. In Woliso, Ginchi and Ambo most shops remained closed for business.

Bajaj operators in Awasa continued their strikes for the second day and reports say they have clashed with police on Wednesday. Tensions remained high in Awasa after authorities tear down over 20 shops. Roads have been blocked in the area as the standoff continued.