Ethiopia’s pop star Teddy Afro awaits permit to stage new year’s concert

ESAT News (July 10, 2017)

Fans of Teddy Afro fear his planned concert on the eve of the Ethiopian new year on September 10 might be scrapped by authorities. The pop star’s concert planned for same time last year had been denied permission by authorities.

Songs by Teddy Afro, who charted number one on Billboard World Album in May, preach about the need for unity among Ethiopians, glorifying the country’s history and heroic deeds by its past leaders. But these songs of Ethiopian nationalism are frowned upon by the current rulers who divide the country along ethnic lines, pitting one against the other.

Manager for Ethiopia’s reggae star, Getachew Manguday told local media that preparations are finalized for the concert to be held on the new year’s eve on September 10 in Addis Ababa, and also in cities across the country thereafter.

Teddy’s new album “Ethiopia,” released in May, hit record both on CD sales and online purchases.

Event organizers say they have submitted applications for permit with city authorities and are awaiting response.