Ethiopia: Businesses in Addis join strikes

ESAT News (July 20, 2017)

Small businesses and vendors in Ethiopia’s capital Addis Ababa joined the national strike against the recent assessment of taxes by authorities that levies taxes based estimated daily sales. Business owners say their daily sales were overestimated by the assessors, who are mostly regime’s cadres.

Shops in major market districts like Kolfe, Asko, Saris, Taiwan Sefer, Atena Tera and other markets were closed on Thursday.

Businesses in the Oromo region remained closed for the fourth day. In Chiro town, near Harar, road to Addis Ababa has been closed and there has been reports of government properties set on fire.

The tax assessment has also been found to be unbearably high for bajaj and taxicabs. The annual tax for bajaj which was 500 birr shot to 2,500 birr while minibus taxis are assessed 4,500 birr, which was 900 birr previously. A potential strike by the transportation sector could paralyze the already bad transportation service in the country.

Reports also indicate that some businesses in Gondar have been told their tax amounts due but businesses in Bahir Dar are waiting to hear from the authorities.