Egyptians wary of water buildup near Ethiopia’s dam

ESAT News (July 14, 2017)

A satellite imagery showing the formation of a lake like water near Ethiopia’s grand dam is grabbing the attention of Egyptians and their media outlets. They were concerned believing that Ethiopia had actually begun filling the dam with water.

But Egypt’s Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation says the lake was “formed due to a flooding” in the ongoing rainy season in Ethiopia and the project “has not yet started storing water,” according to the Middle East Monitor.

Egypt is concerned that the dam will significantly reduce its share of the water; Ethiopian officials, however, say the project will not have negative impact on the downstream countries.

While diplomatic shuttles and third party negotiations are still underway, two companies are studying the effects of the dam on downstream countries.

Ethiopian officials insist they would continue with the mega project which they believe would make Ethiopia the electric “powerhouse” of Africa.