Egyptian diplomats talks to Ethiopian House Speaker on latter’s Grand Dam  

ESAT News (July 17, 2017)

Egypt’s top diplomat in Addis Ababa talks to Ethiopian House Speaker on issues related to the Grand Dam being built by the latter as recent reports of water filling of the dam has worried Egyptians.

A delegation led by Egypt’s Ambassador to Ethiopia Abubakar Hefni Mahmoud met Ethiopia’s House Speaker Abadula Gemeda on Saturday. Reports coming out of Egyptian media show the country is wary of the water buildup at the dam.

“The meeting came a few days after Egyptian local media reported that water abundance was seen in front of the dam, which Egypt’s Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation explained to be a result of the high level of construction, leading to the formation of a lake,” according to a report by Daily News Egypt.

The report said the ministry further explained in a statement that the amount of water flooding would not affect Egypt’s water security level. But a water resources expert Diaa Al-Din Al-Qousi explained to Daily News Egypt. The period of storage would determine the amount of effect of the dam on Egypt.

The effects of the dam on downstream countries is being studied by two French companies. Reports that Ethiopia was preparing to store water in the dam in July, before the completion of technical studies, has worried the Egyptians.

Egypt fears the dam affects its water share of 55 billion square metres.