Ethiopia: Imprisoned journalists and politician write letter to PM


(Left to right) Elias Gebru, Anania Sorri and Daniel Shibeshi

ESAT News (May 11, 2017)

Journalist Elias Gebru and Daniel Shibeshi, former leading member of the opposition Andinet party wrote a letter to Ethiopian prime minister pleading for their release from prison.

Elias and Daniel were thrown to jail five months ago following cooked up accusations that they have colluded with opposition political parties, namely Patriotic Ginbot 7 and the Oromo Liberation Front, to remove the government.

They have never seen a day in court and regime prosecutors refused to take their case, leaving them in limbo at the Bole Police Department for five months.

The letter says their only crime, as active citizens, is that they are vocal critics of the human rights, democracy and development issues in the country. They said jailing them and other pro democracy forces would not be a solution to the political stalemate.

The two were arrested five months ago together with another journalist Anania Sori, who was released two months ago with no explanation.

The three were arrested shortly after they posted a picture, wrists crossed above their head, a sign of protest against the regime in Ethiopia.