Al Shabaab ambushes Ethiopian troops

ESAT News (May 1, 2017)

Al Shabaab fighters ambushed a convoy of Ethiopian troops serving the UN-mandated African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) in Lower Shabelle region on Monday, according to a report by Shabelle News.  

The convoy came under attack on a road near the southern village of Leego, as it was travelling to Burhakabo town in Baay region, according to locals who spoke to Radio Shabelle.

The report said the attack began with IED blast, and followed by heavy exchange of gunfire between the militants and the AMISOM soldiers. There is no immediate confirmation of the casualties.

Residents in Jamee’a Mubarak, where the attack took place reported loud explosions and artillery fire, as a result of the combat. AMISOM did not release any statement on the raid.

Despite being pushed out of its major urban strongholds, Al Shabaab still controls large rural areas in southern Somalia, and retains the ability to launch large-scale assaults in the country, even with a major African Union mission present, the report noted.