Sudanese militia arrests 1500 illegal migrants near Libyan border

Photo file of migrants held in Lybia (Al Jazeera)

ESAT News (January 9, 2016)

Sudan’s Rapid Support Forces (RSF) on Sunday said it has intercepted the smuggling of 1500 illegal migrants on the Sudanese-Libyan border during the last seven months, according to a report by Sudan Tribune.

Sudan is considered as a country of origin and transit for the illegal migration and human trafficking. Thousands of people from Eritrea and Ethiopia are monthly crossing the border into the Sudanese territories on their way to Europe through Libya or Egypt.

In June 2016, hundreds of RSF elements have been deployed in the remote desert of the Northern State shortly after complaint by the governor of drug and human trafficking by the criminal networks, the report said.

On Sunday, 115 illegal immigrants captured by the RSF at Sudan’s northern border have arrived in Khartoum, the report said.

Last year, the European Union granted a €100m development package to address the root causes of irregular migration in Sudan. The financial support came after pledge by the Sudanese government to cooperate with Brussels to stop human trafficking to Europe.