Ethiopia: Amhara and Oromo police officers detained

ESAT News (December 1, 2016)ethiopian-federal-police-logo

Members of the police force who are ethnically Amhara and Oromo and who work at the crime investigation department of the headquarters of the Ethiopian federal police in Addis Ababa have reportedly been detained by Tigrayayn  officers.

The detention of the officers three days ago followed allegations that a bomb have been planted at the headquarters.

Sources told ESAT that the planting of the bomb was deliberately orchestrated to detain the Amhara and Oromo police officers which the Tigrayans suspect oppose the regime, that is solely dominated by Tigrayans.

ESAT reported earlier that several Amhara and Oromo police officers were abandoning their job due to the threat and harassment by the Tigrayan commanders, who regard the Amhara and Oromo officers with disdain.

The regime has reportedly been replacing Oromo and Amhara crime investigators with unskilled Tigrayans and there has been a deliberate attempt by the Tigrayans to create animosity between the two ethnic groups, according to sources.