Ethiopia: Reports of more arrests in the Oromo region

ESAT News (November 28, 2016)jimma-univ

Security forces detained forty-six students in one week after university students resumed protests in the Oromo region of Ethiopia.

Human Rights League of the Horn of Africa said in a release on Sunday that 28  students were arrested in Jimma University by TPLF forces since November 20.

Jima University students once again reignited peaceful protests on November 20 against the detention of fellow students by security forces who entered campus at night to make arrests, according to the League.

The League said  the whereabouts of the students arrested are not known.  

Similarly the Human Rights League also said 18 students were arrested in Bale, south Ethiopia by the infamous Agazi special forces widely accused of committing indiscriminate killings and mass arrests.

The League released the names of the people detained in the last one week.

Ethiopia is under a state of emergence following a yearlong deadly anti-regime protests in which at least 1500 were reportedly killed by security forces.

Tens of thousands of others remain in jail.