Ethiopians stage nationwide rally against tyranny, met with brute forces of the regime


Photo: Social media

ESAT News (August 6, 2016)

From Borena to Gondar, Harar to Wollega, Ethiopians raised their voice loud and clear denouncing tyranny and expressing solidarity with one another despite years of divide and rule along ethnic lines by the minority regime.

Protesters in the Oromo region expressed solidarity with their compatriots in Gondar and Amharas everywhere saying “Stop killing the Amharas!” and “Amharas are our brothers,” “We are one!”

Protest demonstrators, who were peaceful, were however met with the brute forces of the regime. According to information received by ESAT so far, at least ten protesters were killed in the Oromo region alone while 3 others were dead in Azezo, Gondar.

In the capital Addis Ababa video posted on social media show security forces brutally beating protesters. Similar beatings were seen in Adama, Ambo and in all the towns where people took to the streets.

In Nekpmte, reports say one federal police officer was killed in the skirmish.

More updates will follow.