Ethiopians marooned in South Sudan conflict

ESAT News (August 3, 2016)

Thousands of Ethiopians have been stranded in South Sudan and their government has not responded to their calls for rescue.

The Ethiopians told ESAT that their plea to the Ethiopian Embassy in South Sudan did not get a favorable response. They were simply told the Ambassador was back in Addis Ababa and that there was nothing the Embassy staff could do to help them.

The Ethiopians in South Sudan, who felt abandoned by their government said they feared for their lives as the conflict near Juba could spread to the capital.

An estimated 30,000 Ethiopians work and live in South Sudan owning businesses and engaging in several other trades.

The countries of Sudan, Kenya and Uganda have rescued their citizens to safety as the conflict in the youngest African nation feared to be escalating.

The United Nations meanwhile said over 60,000 South Sudanese have been displaced from their homes and were migrating to Uganda.