Ethiopians in DC hold rally demanding US stop financing tyranny in Ethiopia

dc rally ethdc rally eritreansESAT News (August 10, 2016)

Ethiopians in the Washington, DC metro area held a demonstration in the nation’s capital on Tuesday demanding the US government to stop enabling a regime in their home country that is terrorizing its people.

The demonstration came at a time when the regime in Ethiopia was killing hundreds to squash anti-government protests.

Slogans and banners denounce the killings perpetrated by the TPLF regime and demand the United States government to seriously look into the realities on the ground in Ethiopia and reconsider its relationship with a regime that’s killing its people in hundreds.

Representatives of the Eritrean community took part in the demonstration to show solidarity with the Ethiopian people.

Speakers at the rally said it was ironical that the US considers the TPLF regime an ally against terrorism while it is terrorizing its citizens in Ethiopia.

The rally began at the US State Department and concluded at the White House.