Ethiopian marathon star cross his wrists in Rio to show solidarity with his people protesting a brutal regime

feyisa lilesa 2

Photo: AP

Feyisa Lilesa

Photo: AFP

By Engidu Woldie

ESAT News (August 21, 2016)

Feyisa Lilesa crossed the finish line in the Olympic marathon on Sunday in Rio winning silver for his country and crossing his wrist above his head showing solidarity with his people protesting a brutal regime.

Feyisa later told journalists that he was showing the crossed wrist in solidarity with his fellow countrymen and women who were killed daily in his home country. “I was protesting for my people,” Feyisa was quoted by several media outlets as saying on Sunday.

He crossed his wrist high in the air one more time at the podium and told the crowd that more than a thousand people were killed in just nine months by the ruthless regime back in his country for demanding basic rights.

He told the press that he knew his actions would not be taken lightly by the tyrannical regime and he may face death or imprisonment if he were to return home.

“If I go back to Ethiopia maybe they will kill me. If I am not killed maybe they will put me in prison. [If] they [do] not put me in prison they will block me at airport,” he was quoted as saying by several international media outlets.

The silver medalist said he might consider moving to another country. “I have got a decision. Maybe I move to another country,” he told journalists.

Feyisa also ceased the opportunity to remind Western allies of the tyrannical regime that their support was enabling the killings in his country.

“It is a very bad government. Now America, England, France support this government when they give this support it buys machine guns then they kill the people,” said Feyisa who is now in the hearts and minds of Ethiopians fighting a ruthless regime.