Regime using threat of famine as a tool to conscript the youth into its army


ESAT News (June 27, 2016)

After attempts by the regime to lure the Ethiopian youth into its army had failed miserably, cadres of the TPLF regime are now telling the people in the Amhara region, who are faced with the threat of famine, to enlist in the army or face hunger.

Dispatches by ESAT’s stringer reveal regime cadres were traveling in the eastern regions of Amhara and telling the youth to join the army, or their other option was to face starvation. Cadres of ANDM, an extension of the TPLF in the Amhara region, were instructed to convince the youth to register in the army with the motto “enlist or face starvation.”

Some of the cadres voiced their objections against the new method of recruitment and they found it be cruel to use the threat of famine as tool for recruitment.

The youth in the Amhara region were no more provided with food assistance in the “food for work” program and insiders believe the move was aimed to starve the youth and force them to enlist in the army.

The regime is offering attractive perks to lure the youth to register in the army. The turnout was however a disappointment to the regime.

Last week regime officials have instructed regional governments to contribute their “quota” of a set number of people to join the army.

Defections in the army, border skirmishes with neighboring Eritrea as well as sporadic attack by armed opposition groups like Patriotic Ginbot 7 have forced the regime to resort to compulsory conscription.