Ethiopian regime refuses to let a critically ill opposition political figure travel abroad for treatment

Habtamu Ayalew

Habtamu Ayalew

ESAT News (June 30, 2016)

The Ethiopian regime has prevented Habtamu Ayalew, a leading member of the banned Unity for Democracy and Justice a.k.a  Andinet, from travelling abroad for treatment.

Habtamu is in a hospital bed in Addis Ababa. His doctors described his condition as critical. Diagnosis and treatment in his case is not available in the country and doctors had recommended he be sent abroad.

The tyrannical minority regime in Ethiopia that see figures like Habtamu as a threat to its iron fist rule has refused to allow him to travel abroad.

Ethiopians have for the last two days been campaigning in the social media asking the United States Embassy in Addis Ababa use its leverages to intervene in the matter so that the regime would allow Habtamu seek treatment abroad.

Habtamu was released from prison last year after serving 18 months on bogus terrorism charges. Beaten, tortured and abused, his health has not been the same since he had left the regime’s notorious prison.