Auditor General says offices fail to balance over 100 mln USD

ESAT News (May 17, 2016)

The Ethiopian Auditor General said of the 145 government offices audited, 94 have not balanced their book in the amount of over 100 million dollars while 77 offices were found to have made illegal purchases in the amount of over 27 million dollars.

Presenting his report to the parliament, the auditor general, Gemechu Dubiso said the Government Procurement Office, the Ministry of Education, the Electoral Board and the Ministry of Defense, among others, were the main government offices that have not balanced their book in the said amount.

He said a number of universities, health institutions, industries, and the Ministry of Transport have made illegal purchases amounting to 27 million dollars.

In addition, six offices have made payments in the amount of over 1 million dollars without the proper documentation.