Hunger stricken farmers from Tigray come to the capital seeking help

ESAT News (May 6, 2016)

The number of people coming to the city from areas seriously affected by drought has been on the rise. ESAT‘s stringer in the capital Addis Ababa has seen an increase in the number hunger stricken people from Tigray in the last few weeks.

Some of the farmers who spoke to the stringer said they have come to the capital seeking help as they run out of food. The farmers told the stringer that the seriousness of the drought has forced them leave their villages and coming to the capital was the only thing they could do to save their lives and that of their children.

Meanwhile 100 quintals of food aid has been found at the residences of local officials in Ebnat Woreda of North Gondar as police were searching house to house for the food aid that reportedly disappeared suddenly. Source say authorities did not take legal actions against the local officials who hide the food aid at their houses.

Heavy rains and flooding have meanwhile obstructed the delivery of food aid to areas affected by the drought. Muddy conditions of dirt roads have cause a delay in the delivery of life saving aid to people in remote areas.