South Sudan refugees in Gambella kill 13 Ethiopians

ESAT News (April 22, 2016)

South Sudan refugees in Gambella, Ethiopia killed at least 13 Ethiopians on Thursday after a car accident claimed the lives of two of their own. The refugees at the Jawi camp in Gambella went on a killing spree, apparently motivated by revenge, after an Ethiopian driver struck and killed two refugees.

At least 10 people suffered serious injuries and residents fear the death toll could be higher as there were still people hiding in the bushes from the killers. Those killed include Ethiopians who work for the UN at the refugee camps.

The Ethiopians sought protection from the federal police in the region but they were told to protect themselves, according to sources.

Thursday’s killing came six days after armed men of the Murle tribe from South Sudan crossed the border into Ethiopia and killed at least 230 and abducted over a 100 women and children. The Ethiopian government says its forces are in South Sudan to bring home the abducted as officials of South Sudan trade accusations of involvement in the killings.