Ethiopia drafts law making it legal for the government to spy on personal computers

ESAT News (April 12, 2016)

The iron fist government in Addis Ababa has drafted a law that would allow authorities to spy on personal computers. The draft has reportedly been tabled to the rubber stamp Parliament for approval.

The law stipulates that investigators, cyber security professionals and other authorities could spy on personal computers with court warrant. Police could spy and search personal computers “if they find it necessary.” Police could detain suspects of “cyber criminals” for 4 months without arraigning the suspects to court.

The draft cites attack on personal computers and institutions as example of cybercrime. It also listed free use of some internet services which the government requires payment as a crime, validating recent reports that the government was planning to charge for the use of free call and text applications. Loss of revenue from long distance calls has seriously affected the single telecom service in the country which is owned by the government.