Assassination attempt on a jailed leader of Ethiopian Muslims movement for religious rights

ESAT News (April 21, 2016)

An assassination attempt was made on Nuru Turki one of the jailed leaders of the Ethiopians Muslims movement, ESAT’s sources said. The source believe that last week’s assassination attempt was orchestrated by prison officials to coerce leaders of the Muslim community, who are languishing in jail on trumped up terrorism charges, to sign a pardon admitting fault.

The tyrannical government in Addis Ababa threw leaders of the Ethiopian Muslim community to jail for demanding religious freedom and asking the government to stay away from their religious affairs.

Nuru, known for his philanthropic work in the community, was reportedly hit from behind by a pick mattock by a convict whom officials of the prison use to spy on political prisoners. The convict is serving a 12 year sentence for human trafficking. It has now become a customary practice in Ethiopian jails for officials to use convicts to spy, harass and beat political prisoners.

Two other political prisoners Andualem Arage and Olbana Lelisa were also beaten last year in a similar fashion by convicts who take orders from prison officials.