A human rights council in Ethiopia says government responsible for the loss of lives in the Gambella region.

ESAT News (April 27, 2016)

The Human Rights Council said on Wednesday that the Ethiopian government was responsible for the recent killing of over 200 people and the abduction of women and children in the Gambella region of Ethiopia.

The Council said the government did not protect its citizens knowing very well that armed tribes from South Sudan have repeatedly carried out killings and cattle raids. The Council said the government instead disarmed the people and the local police, leaving them with nothing to defend themselves. It said the local people and officials have requested help from the government before the killings but the government chose to ignore them.

Over 200 people were killed last week in the Gambella region by the Murle tribe men from South Sudan, who also abducted over 100 women and children. The Murles also raided thousands of cattle. The fate of the abductees is yet not known.