A government corporation pays 150,000 dollars for medical expenses to a son of a Colonel

ESAT News (April 8, 2016)

A document received by ESAT indicate that the Metals and Engineering Corporation has asked its branches to contribute towards the medical expenses of the son of a Colonel amounting to nearly 3 million birr (150,000 USD).

The letter from the headquarters of the Corporation instructed the 14 branches to send their share of the cost to the HQ finance office. The letter said Yonas Atakilti, the son of Colonel Atakilti Gebremicheal has received medical treatment in Thailand and the Corporation, as it promised, should cover the cost of the medical expenses.

ESAT has also recently uncovered a scandal at the Corporation where 88 machineries sent to it by the Ethiopian Roads Authority for maintenance were shipped to the Tigray region, the home base of the ruling minority clique, TPLF. The unfair appropriation of the nearly 3.5 million dollars machineries was uncovered during a World Bank audit.

A recent report of the payment of thousands of dollars for medical expenses for the son of the manager of the Addis Ababa Diocese of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church caused an uproar among the laities. The Patriarch removed the manager, Yemane Zemenfeskidus, from his positon but there was no mention of the embezzled money.